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Welcome to the 1990s!

The primary purpose of this site is to function as an archive for documentation pertaining to NeXT hardware and software, but it has a secondary purpose too, and that is to have the look and feel of a website from the 1990s. You won't find any JavaScript here, nor will you find any CSS, nor fancy HTML5. Instead, you will find poorly-designed HTML3 — where <table />, <br />, and <p /> are used primarily as elements of style and positioning rather than content, just like the ‘glory days’ of HTML.

There is, of course, a practical reason behind my choice of HTML3 — web browsers on NeXT operating systems. This design decision ensures that this site looks just as good in OmniWeb on NeXTSTEP 3.0 as it does in Chrome on Mac OS X.

For the interested, here's the vital statistics of the site:

Operating System: OPENSTEP 4.2 Intel
Web Server: Apache + WebObjects 3.5
CPU: 400 MHz AMD K6-2
Disks: 1 x 4GiB E-IDE
Memory: 256 MiB


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